Working At Bedford Hospital: Career And Development

Not unlike many businesses, Bedford Hospital has to be as committed and efficient with regards its staff and recruitment as it is with their partnership with the public in offering first class and outstanding health care.

While this heart of Bedfordshire hospital has 420 beds and serves almost 300,000 people that reside and enter its catchment area every day, these beds don't get made or citizens analysed and healed without the help of a massive army of doctors, nurses and other important staff on an hourly, round the clock basis.

The NHS Trust Bedford Hospital employs over 2000 staff. A great majority of these in the medical field from the Senior Clinical Fellow in Paediatrics right through to the army of qualified nurses which work within each department.

Without the back room staff which are often customer facing also, the hospital would fall part and are equally invaluable. The Medical Secretary, receptionist and Admin Clerks to the Chef and Fire Officer all ensure the machine is well oiled and never comes to an halt.

Learning And Development While Employed At Bedford Hospital

As a leading government employee it is important to set the standards in work ethics. The hospital itself ensures there there is a full course of educational development and training when on the job. With internal training programmes to offer further on the job training so as staff grow their skills. To a cohesive partnership with the University of Cambridge Associate Teaching Hospital to oversee the ongoing education and training for all doctors within Bedford Hospital NHS Trust which is a very important aspect of your time there.

Every layer from doctors in training to structured and annual training methods for all staff to grow the wealth of on the job experience is a thorough commitment to not only support staff in their career. But to grow the potential of its employees and to also reward their achievements in gaining additional on the job knowledge through training.

Bedford Hospital Staff Benefits And Perks

As with any employer, the staff benefits have to be deemed attractive enough or staff would work elsewhere. To support a program of long term employment, you can end up with 33 days holiday allowance plus Bank Holidays after ten years.

Further benefits involve a pension scheme, national NHS membership discounts, access to affordable housing, flexible working, health benefits and access to staff facilities such as gym, sports and social club. The NHS Trust is a leading national and local employer.