Bedford Hospital Medical Departments And Services

Many people go through life only ever visiting a hospital once or twice in their lives, the beginning and the end. Others however have cause to visit Bedford Hospital for a variety of reasons, some are happy occasions, but other times are a little more troublesome. At this hospital there are over 60 departments which are in place to cater for your every need should something unfortunate crop up. All as part of the NHS trust national services available across the country to all citizens, just some hospitals specialise in that little bit more.

However it's not all sadness when you visit. Bedford Hospital delivered over 3,200 babies in 2011 in the Cygnet Wing, in the dedicated women and children's unit. Of course seeing successful pregnancies and mums take home her newborn is not the only good news that Bedford Hospital achieves. On an almost daily basis, the doctors and nurses deliver good news, recommendations and advice to all who enter her doors. Sending people home either all fixed up, with the right diagnosis and surgery scheduled or with medication to aid in their recovery after operations or to combat diseases.

The Various Departments At Bedford Hospital

Just as with many NHS hospitals, Bedford has many walk in services that operate on a daily basis. The hospital itself serves 270,000 people in the immediate area with a fully operational accident and emergency ward. Pride and place at Bedford Hospital is the Vascular department. It is a central hub which controls external outreach vascular services at nearby hospitals in the Shire.

The hospital has a 24/7 emergency vascular service for the whole of Bedfordshire and Luton utilising state of the art medical equipment and procedures from Endovascular aneurysm repair programme to an Ultrasound-guided foam Sclerotherapy.

While Vascular is at their heart, the range of fifty other department services are wide reaching and encompass, Dermatology, Retinal Screening, Orthotics, Gastroenterology, Urology and Cardiology to name but a few.

The hospital also has extensive operating theatres, physiotherapy services and the ability to offer full surgical pre assessment with no requirement to visit an outreach programme or need for an off site visitation. So whether you need the latest tech from the laser treatment centre or advice at the occupational health department. Visit Bedford Hospital knowing thousands entrust themselves to their care each year and that everything from broken wrists to diabetes and brain injuries can be diagnosed and dealt with appropriately.